EnergyTight Basement and Crawlspace Inspections
A home’s un-insulated – or poorly insulated – basement and crawlspaces can account for up to half of its total heat loss in an otherwise sealed, well-insulated home.
That is why it’s important to have your home’s less-used, often unconsidered, areas carefully assessed to determine their exact impact on your family’s indoor comfort and home energy expenses.
Chances are you will be greatly surprised by how much energy and money your basement and crawlspaces are costing you each month.
Basement and crawlspace inspections are an important part of a home energy audit, but they are not the only essential techniques we use to increase your indoor comfort and reduce your energy costs. Learn more about our home energy audits here.
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Energy Assessment Guarantee
We guarantee that we can show you at least 3 ways to improve your comfort and save you up to 40% on your energy bills! Contact us to schedule an audit!
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