EnergyTight Blower Door Testing Services
One way we test how airtight your home is involves using a special fan called a blower door, which involves attaching a temporary covering, adjustable frame, air pressure gauges, variable-speed fan, and an airflow manometer to your exterior door frame.
The calibrated gauges and manometer measure the amount of air pulled out of the home by the fan. Following our follow-up EnergyTight Installation procedures, we run this test again to ensure that we have achieved the proper amount of building tightness. (Some leakage is required to avoid moisture condensation and contaminated indoor air. Like a fine wine, a home needs to “breathe.”)
Blower door testing is an important part of a home energy audit, but it is not the only essential technique we use to increase your indoor comfort and reduce your energy costs. Learn more about our home energy audits here.
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