I would not hesitate to give each of them a score of excellent.  Your team was great to work with and we have no complaints at all.  With regards to my personal experience, we had nothing but an outstanding experience.  Your team was very professional and friendly.  They showed up on time, every time, and stayed as long as it took to get the job done properly.  They were always in good spirits, which was very refreshing.  Your team was great to have here and I will certainly be calling you back to schedule some of the other projects that Brandon outlined for us.  I also would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, neighbors, etc.  In fact, I already have!  Doug D.,  Concord Homeowner


Energy Tight, performed all work and is extremely courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, honest and reliable. I really can't recommend their services enough. They were very clear about what they can do and do what they say -- all with a smile. They came to my house initially to perform an energy audit and were very patient by working around my schedule. Based on our conversations afterwards, he sent me a proposal and didn't hesitate to make changes per my request. He came back on two more occasions to complete the work we agreed upon and the work was professional. We have stayed in touch sense and I will certainly be contacting him again for future help with making my home even more energy efficient.  Shannon B., Charlotte Homeowner


 We were very impressed with their professionalism. They were punctual, easy to talk too, and answered all of our questions. He was able to identify several short comings with our homes energy usage and insulation. The final report was well made with several levels of suggestions for improvements ranging from basic do it yourself type ideas to more expensive solutions that may require professional help. Matt was willing to recommend various other people to help implement his suggestions but there was no sales pressure for additional work to be done. Also included in the audit is a retest so that you can check that your improvements have actually made a difference to the home. Overall we were very satisfied with Energy Tight’s work and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.  Joel W., Charlotte Homeowner   


They gave good advice and highlighted some areas that we need to have fixed in order to both improve comfort in the home, as well as stop wasting money. Was very satisfied with the service, the personnel and the results.  Allen T., Waxhaw Homeowner  


I was able to quickly make an appointment and have the team conduct the audit. His company even offered a free coupon to have an air quality inspection conducted as part of the service. The audit process was simple and quick. Very informative-- They allowed me to walk around with him as he performed the audit. I asked a ton of questions, peeked my head into spots I'd never even seen in my house and learned a lot about what we were doing well and what improvements we could make. The audit was extremely thorough and identified several improvements for us. They even brought to my attention other issues (non-energy... like a leaky toilet and wet foundation) that I wasn't aware of, but could have caused significant trouble if unattended! All his recs were categorized in high-medium-low buckets to offer a guide as to what would yield the most bang for the buck and was the most urgent. Very helpful way to prioritize. The audit actually saved us a lot of money because we were prepared to weatherstrip and insulate to improve the comfort of our home... totally inappropriate for the actual issues we were facing! Thanks Energy Tight!  Tanya B., Charlotte Homeowner  


Energy TIght completed our retrofit about 3 weeks ago and we are already feeling the benefits of the work Energy Tight has done.  One morning it was in the 40's when we got up yet the house was 68 degrees, WITH NO HEAT on.  Right now, we have left windows open even at night and we are maintaining between 72 and 75.  Having the work completed by Energy Tight was one of the best decisions we have made.  Cynthia H., Monroe Homeowner


“Thank you for your work in creating a custom energy assessment for my home.  I appreciated your professional manner, care for my home during your inspection, your thoroughness in assessing my home, and your non-hurried follow-up review of your report.  I feel that you did everything that I expected from this energy audit, and the information you provided has been very helpful and worth the cost.  In short, my primary goal from the energy audit was to gain useful information regarding the intrusion of cold air to our house, for reasons of comfort.  You have provided us with much helpful information in that regard."  John M., Matthews Homeowner


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