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Crawl space humidity enters through the crawl space vents during the summertime. In the winter, crawl space vents allow frigid air into the space. This means a continuous drain on your utility bills as well as a rotting, smelly, dirty crawl space under your home.  Additionally, vented crawl spaces will create an access point for insects, animals and all types of pests.

All of these problems can be helped by simply installing a crawl space vapor barrier, airtight crawl space vent covers and doors, and a crawl space dehumidifier in the space. Installation is fast and the results lead to a healthier home and lower energy bills. For a free estimate on a crawl space moisture barrier system in your Charlotte home, contact Energy Tight today!

EnergyTight Home Energy Audit.

Our BPI-certified* home energy experts will come to your home and perform a comprehensive evaluation, analyzing your home as a single, integrated system rather than an unconnected collection of rooms and devices.

We employ state-of-the-art tools to find out where your house may be losing energy. These include:

  bulletimage   Infrared thermal imaging
  bulletimage   Blower door testing
  bulletimage   Air duct pressure testing
  bulletimage   Attic and roof analysis
  bulletimage   Basement and crawlspace
  bulletimage   Indoor air quality testing

A home energy audit is the only way to uncover the sources of wasted cooling and heating dollars. If EnergyTight discovers that your home is not adequately sealed, our specially trained air sealing team can seal all leaks and install the recommended crawlspace sealing system for maximum energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.

When we are done, you will notice a difference immediately.

When your home is properly sealed:

  bulletimage   You’ll spend less money on heating and air conditioning
  bulletimage   Your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard
  bulletimage   You’ll reduce the amount of energy (and fuel) your home uses, which is better for the environment
  bulletimage   You’ll feel the difference in the quality of your air
Is your home leaking money?

Find out now, ask EnergyTight, the leading crawlspace company in Charlotte, NC.

Energy Assessment Guarantee
We guarantee that we can show you at least 3 ways to improve your comfort and save you up to 40% on your energy bills! Contact us to schedule an audit!
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