EnergyTight helps fix a wide range of household and health problems.
Consider the significant energy expenses and exposure problems we reduce or eliminate for you and your family.

The services we are providing to the Charlotte area are not just cosmetic or "nice to haves".  Instead, they can help families avoid major home renovation projects as well as significant health issues.

Read the list of problems below that are reduced or eliminated with our services, and we are sure you will agree that it’s time for you to call EnergyTight Homes now for a home energy audit:

Needlessly high energy bills

You likely have machine-heated or -cooled air flowing out window seams, duct work and your attic. And you might even have inadequately insulated (or non-insulated) walls and spaces as well. All that expensively made energy simply floats out of your home and into North Carolina, while you pay the utility bills for the privilege. On top of that, your equipment is also working harder than it needs to, which leads to unnecessary repairs and replacements.

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Avoidable health risks

A poorly ventilated home creates trapped air that promotes the collection of dust and pet dander, among other things, as well as the growth of dust mites, spores, and other creatures. Not only do these pollutants circulate throughout your home – they also enter the lungs of every family member, promoting asthma, allergies, and cold symptoms.

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Uneven room heating or cooling

While some variation in room-to-room temperatures is common – especially without zoning controls – some homes have chronically over-warm or over-cold rooms. This can be caused by many factors, including poor insulation, air leaks, improper duct work design, or mechanical failures in your heating or cooling systems. This can contribute to both problems listed above: high energy bills and compromised family health.

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Annoyingly drafty rooms

You shouldn’t feel even a slight breeze from closed windows or doors, or from electrical outlets or light fixtures. Not only is it annoying, it is also letting paid energy go out and free weather come in (which in turn needs to be heated or cooled). While attics and recessed lights are the greatest culprits for drafts, even little air leaks can add up to big expenses over time.

Unhealthy musty areas with mold or mildew

Odors are one thing, but let enough mold or mildew get into your home and you’ve got big, expensive problems: wall or roof rot, structural damage, paint failure, and even a host of serious health problems. These avoidable issues usually start from outside moisture coming inside through a leaky roof, foundation, window, or door. However, it can also begin inside from showering, cooking, clothes drying and other humidity-generating activities when the moisture cannot properly escape. The worst thing is, this particular problem can start small and out of sight, until it is too late.

Dangerous and expensive ice build-up

When warm indoor air leaks into an attic, it heats the underside of the roof, which causes snow and ice to melt and re-freeze as it runs off it. This forms icicles and ice dams, which can (1) fall off and injure someone and (2) force water back under the shingles and even into the ceiling or walls of your home. In the second instance, it can lead to the additional problem above: mold and mildew.

We hope you can see that these are very real problems related to having an improperly sealed home. Some of them are dangerous, some of them are expensive – and all of them can be solved easily when you call EnergyTight Homes for a complete home energy audit and follow-up repair and retrofitting.

Our services include FREE follow-up testing!

That’s right! At EnergyTight Homes, we believe our testing, sealing and retrofitting work isn’t complete until we do FREE follow-up testing to double- check that the repairs we made now indeed seal your home properly!

If we discover any persistent problems? We will fix and re-test again, free of charge, until the issue is resolved.

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