EnergyTight Home Improvements Bring You Better Indoor Comfort and Lower Energy Costs
Our technicians will expertly seal cracks and retrofit materials to keep the energy you pay for inside – and keep the weather outside – your home.
After we have thoroughly identified where air leaks and poor weatherization areas exist with an EnergyTight Home Energy Audit, we will provide with a cost estimate for fixing these issues.
Upon your approval, our experts will begin the process of resealing and retrofitting each troublesome area of your home for proper airflow, making it more comfortable and affordable to live in your home than ever before.

Among the tasks we are trained and certified to do are:

  Air sealing - (attics, top plates, bath fans, electrical and plumbing penetrations, chimneys, large and small chases)
  Air sealing in crawlspace – (rim joist, bathtubs, plumbing penetrations, HVAC chases)
  Air sealing in living space – (caulking under windows, cabinets, fireplaces, whole house fan covers, fireplace plugs)
  Installing insulation – (blow cellulose in attics, floor insulation, rigid foam insulation in kneewalls)
  Installing recessed light tents over fixtures
  Installing attic tents
  Installing fresh air ventilation – (bath fans, ERVs)
  Sealing ducts – (most ductwork we measure in this area leaks18-25%)
  Wrapping water heater and insulating hot water pipe
  Weather stripping and door sweeps
  Installing whole house electricity monitoring equipment
  Weatherizing your whole house with all required retrofits
EnergyTight Home Improvements require various amounts of time in and around your home, depending upon your unique situation. We will work as cleanly and quietly as possible.
Final step: FREE follow-up testing!
That’s right! At EnergyTight Homes, we believe our sealing and retrofitting work isn’t complete until we do FREE follow-up testing to double-check that the repairs we made now indeed seal your home properly!

If we discover any persistent leak? We will fix and re-test again, free of charge, until the issue is resolved.
Ready to enjoy energy smart comfort and savings? Contact us today. Energy Tight, energy audits in Charlotte, NC.
Energy Assessment Guarantee
We guarantee that we can show you at least 3 ways to improve your comfort and save you up to 40% on your energy bills! Contact us to schedule an audit!
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