An EnergyTight Home Energy Audit Identifies Where a Home Wastes Energy – and Money
The most complete home energy audit checklist in Charlotte and surrounding towns in NC and SC.

Our certified home energy experts will pinpoint every energy loss and comfort issue in your home, looking at it as one integrated system rather than as an unconnected collection of rooms and devices.

Using a highly developed knowledge of building engineering, the physics behind structures, systems and airflow, and state-of-the-art sensing devices, EnergyTight will fully assess your living environment, consult with you and provide options with estimates for solutions to fix the issues.

Our home energy audit checklist includes:

  Infrared thermal imaging – Uses advanced camera technology to identify areas of invisible air loss from your home into the outdoors
  Blower door testing – Uses a powerful fan to determine where outside air flows into your doorways through unsealed cracks and opening
  Air duct pressure testing – Measures how porous your duct system is (as much as 30% of the air conditioning moving through your home’s ducts could be leaking directly outside!)
  Attic and roof analysis – Looks at everything from insulation to materials to maintenance issues
  Basement and crawlspace analysis – Determines whether every nook and cranny is properly sealed and insulated
EnergyTight home energy audits generally last no more than three hours and create little disruption within your home.
Next steps: Energy Tight Home Improvements & FREE follow-up testing!
Identifying energy loss areas is only the first step in creating an EnergyTight Home. That’s why we will discuss our findings with you, and then present you with an estimate for sealing off the leaks.

We are proud to say that even then our work is still not completed. That’s because we provide all customers with FREE follow-up testing to double-check that the repairs we made now indeed seal your home properly!
Ready to enjoy energy smart comfort and savings? Contact us to set up your home energy audit today! Energy Tight, serving Charlotte, NC.
Energy Assessment Guarantee
We guarantee that we can show you at least 3 ways to improve your comfort and save you up to 40% on your energy bills! Contact us to schedule an audit!
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