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Whether your home is new or old, chances are that it was not constructed tightly enough to get the most out of your energy systems. Windows, ducts, and attic areas leak heated or cooled indoor air into the atmosphere all year long. And insulation meets code, but not the standards of a well-insulated home.
You may not even be aware of how much money you could be saving to live in greater comfort, because the costs and conditions become routine.

But schedule a low-cost home energy audit with EnergyTight, and you’ll likely be surprised at just how much energy you are wasting. Our home energy audit company in Charlotte can help your family live better for less because we:

  Perform a thorough home energy efficiency audit
  Install materials and sealants to make your home energy tight
  Save you money now with specials and later with the work we’ve done

How energy efficient is your home? 

Use these easy tools to calculate your home's energy efficiency and how much you could save!

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Energy Assessment Guarantee
We guarantee that we can show you at least 3 ways to improve your comfort and save you up to 40% on your energy bills! Contact us to schedule an audit!
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